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Kosmima Fine Jewelry offers beautiful jewelry by selected and gifted jewelry designers. One such talented jewelry designer is Lika Behar. You can find some background information about her below. Please come and visit our showroom to have a look at some of her pieces or to look at fine jewelry of other jewelry designers or to design your own jewelry.

Lika Behar Collections at Kosmima Fine Jewelry

Kosmima Fine Jewelry - Lika Behar
Kosmima Fine Jewelry - Lika Behar

Lika Behar was born in the magnificent city of Istanbul. With roots in ancient Anatolian civilizations, this former Byzantine capital has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis which juxtaposes sublime historical architectural expressions within a modern skyline. As such, Istanbul is known as one of the truly great romantic destinations of the world and is the fundamental source of inspiration for the Lika Behar Collection.

The Background of Lika Behard – See the collection at Kosmima Fine Jewelry

Lika’s family lineage is one of storied gold coin dealers; a trade long believed to be the lifeline of the Mediterranean. Her collection elegantly reconciles the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions, utilizing only pure and nimble 24 Karat gold. The results are pieces wrought with a sensual and tactile modernism. The 2008 collection is also infused with brilliant gemstones reflecting the varying hues that recall the depths of blue waters that cradle Lika’s birth country. Her workroom in Istanbul deftly reconciles ancient history with the sensibility of the modern world. Each piece from the collection is uniquely hand wrought with the exquisite precision once celebrated by ancient artisans; yielding a tawny luxury fit for the modern woman whose jewelry reflects, at the same time ancient history, and the art that is the modern feminine spirit.

Have a look at Lika Behard’s site here.

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