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Kosmima Fine Jewelry offers sterling silver jewelry collections by Thistle & Bee. We carry beautiful jewelry by a few selected and gifted jewelry designers where we believe in their artistry and quality. One such partner is the sterling silver jewelry creator Thistle & Bee. We carry pieces of their collections for you choose from. You can find some background information about Thistle & Bee below. Please come and visit our showroom to have a look at some of their gorgeous pieces of their collections or to look at fine jewelry of other jewelry designers or to design your own jewelry.

Thistle & Bee Collections at Kosmima Fine Jewelry

Kosmima Fine Jewelry - Thistle And Bee
Kosmima Fine Jewelry - Thistle And Bee

Thistle & Bee maintains a longstanding reputation as a producer and purveyor of fine sterling silver. The Thistle & Bee signature is clean, carefully crafted and uniquely sophisticated designs in sterling silver. Their styles range from classic to contemporary, often with a whimsical flair.

Sterling Silver Jewelry From Thistle & Bee – See the collection at Kosmima Fine Jewelry

While sterling silver is the cornerstone of the Thistle & Bee offering, they continuously explore new textures, design concepts and materials to expand their offering. Thistle & Bee takes great pride in their product design and superior craftsmanship and continue their ongoing commitment to the customer. Recognizing years of expertise in the design and manufacture of luxury sterling silver, their collections are carefully crafted in dedicated production facilities around the globe, using only the finest materials available today. Many of the Thistle & Bee products are suitable for engraving.

Have a look at Thistle & Bee’s site here.

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